When you think “excessive”, what comes to mind? Modern society nods to negative connotations in the era of minimalism, but So Excessive is taking back the idea of going all out. In fact, we’re redefining the phrase itself. Designer and founder Keena Williams embraced her excessive side when creating her signature bold cuffs, infusing showstopping energy into each sleek line. Creating this brand meant accepting that no part of her was quiet or shy, from her personal style to her larger-than-life ambitions.  

For Keena, the concept of Excessiveness was akin to power, enterprise, and unstoppable commitment to greatness. The same energy supermoms and future CEOs have when they run their side hustles, master new skills, and embody beacons of love in their communities. It’s that kind of excess Keena captures in her modern, curated product line, where one intentional design became the basis for a whole brand.


So Excessive is a safe haven for women who are tired of playing small and hiding their light. A brand that understands what it’s like to want more. From our fit-for-queens initial cuffs to our amore-inspired Love Collection, we dream up accessories that invite you into the VIP section of your own wardrobe. Once you’ve had a taste of the So Excessive lifestyle, you’ll never look back. 

 Let's get you CUFFIN!